Carved, Routed & Sandblasted

3D Dimensional Signs


HDU high-density urethane foam signs

Gone are the days of cutting down redwood trees for sign-making. Until recently, soft woods like redwood were perfect for

carving, routing and sandblasting. Unfortunately, after their time being weathered, the signs would split, crack and separate at the grains.

The industry has developed a proven alternative to the old sandblasted signs... High Density Urethane (aka HDU). These sheets of tightly-compressed foam sign panels are formed by a computerized router. Letters and graphics as well as the background are also created. The tiny foam cells are sealed with a primer then custom hand-painted to specification. The end result is a light-weight, durable and long-lasting dimensional sign, easy to hang or mount. Will last for years without splitting or cracking! Combined with proven lasting outdoor paint by Matthew Paints, it's an unbeatable combo!

cut type:

  * pocket cut

  * woodgrain

  * engraved

  * 2nd surface

  * specialty


  * 3/4"

  * 1"

  * 1.5"

  * 2" 

  * 3"



  * 1 side

  * 2 sides


  * upgrade to 18 lb HDU foam

  * metallic paint

  * gold-leaf

  * 1/4" metal backer



2nd surface


hand-painted using Matthews Paint

  * choose up to 120 outdoor quality standard colors

  * or provide PMS (Pantone Matching System) color numbers

  * or provide Sherwin Williams color numbers 

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