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Rated Review Request,

Digital Photo Request


In the age of the internet and social media, people's views and voices can be "heard" around the world. Rated reviews have become a vital part of a business' longevity, especially a growing small business like Creative Sign and Banner. You are important to us and your words can not only help us strive for excellence but future customers can spend their hard-earned money confidently with a business with a high-rated review. We are not perfect but we do our very best. If you EVER have an issue with a product, service or customer relations we want to know about it.

With as many customers we have the privilege to work with, we recognize that you too are very busy and writing a thought-out review can be time-consuming. We have provided you with questions you can use as a guide or may copy & paste with your answers. We have also provided the hyper-links for easy access to the review page(s). Feel free to copy/paste your same review on each page as other customer may not read them from one to the next.

1.  Choose 1-5 Stars, 5 being the highest rating.

2.  What product or service did you receive?

3.  Did you receive it in the time promised?

4.  Did it meet/exceed your expectations?

5.  Quality of product?

6.  Was the representative friendly & eager to help?

7.  Was the representative knowledgeable?

8.  Did the representative of offer alternatives?

9.  Did you find our pricing:

     A. Higher than I thought it should but I purchased anyway

     B. Price right based on quality and quantity

     C. Better than I expected, other companies a little higher

     D. For the price I paid, I feel I stole it! lol



 1.  Make sure you are logged into your Google account.




 1.  Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.




digital photo request

Although we see finished product before you receive it, we would love to see the completed project in its final "environment". After your sign, banner or display has been installed / mounted, please take a few digital photos landscape style (turn your camera like the shape of your TV) and email them to : or upload them using the form at the bottom of our homepage. 

Thank you!

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