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Unique & Different

We get calls almost everyday asking us if we can do "this or that". With some of the requests we hear, I sometimes I consider changing the name of our company to QUIRKY SIGNS. We try not to turn down any challenge. Here are a recent examples. If you have a unique and different idea, please do not hesitate to call us. If we cannot help you, we may be able to point you into the right direction.

toilet wrap

Okay. We know the Mrs. would probably not allow this in her home but how cool would this be in the mancave or fishing camp?!

Wrapped Toilet.jpg

BIG HEADS of your fav team players

big heads by Creative Sign and

custom guitar wrap

No. We did not wrap this but thought it

was funny enough to share! If by chance 

you do want your toilet camo-wrapped, please follow these simple instructions:


1) Go to your fav box store and buy a brand new toilet (we will not install on your existing one. BTW... no demos!

2) Bring it to us in the original unopened box.

3) Choose your fav camp wrap design.

142 Guitar Wrap by Creative Sign and Ban

life-size standee cut-out displays

113 life like life size Cut Out Standee

Custom Acrylic Counter / Sneeze Guard

Counter Guard by Creative Sign and Banne

Vendor Ice Cream Carts

Vendor Cart by Creative Sign and Banner.
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