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Real Estate Sign Post

Plasticade A-Frames

Yard Step Stakes

Metal Yard Frames


real estate sign & post kit

Real Estate Sign Post 02.jpg
Real Estate Sign Post 03.jpg

Real Estate Sign Post:

  * 2-Sided Signs

  * Small or Large Sign

  * Vertical or Horizontal

  * Ask about Top Rider

  * Comes with Push-In Ground Stake (no digging)

  * Easy Remove and Relocate

Real Estate Sign Post 01.jpg
Real Estate Sign Post 04.jpg

Plasticade     Signicade Sign Frames


  • All plastic sign frame that holds two signs 24” W x 36” H

  • Recessed sign area helps to protect sign faces

  • Sign face can receive vinyl sheeting (with surface preparation), metal, or corrugated plastic signs

  • Drill holes and usen Nuts & Bolts for changing signs easily

  • Can be internally weighted with dry sand (not included)

  • Molded-in handle for easy portability

signicade sample.jpg


Plasticade     The Billboard

  • Twice as big as a Signicade

  • White or Black

  • Two 36" x 48" signs

  • Wheels for easy movement

  • No installation needed

  • Quick-Change™ Feature change signs in seconds

  • Can internally weight with dry sand


"spinning" for website demonstration only. Sign does not actually spin.


metal stakes and frames

economy aluminum H- stake


economy black iron T-Bar


heavy-duty galvanized Step-Stake


black iron banjo frame


black iron slide-in frame

  • top slide / no hardware required

  • 18" tall x 24"

  • 24" tall x 36"

  • space for 6" tall rider sign

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