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Creative Sign and Banner is proud to be the 

regional retail distributor and installer for this fine-framed media system. 


NO MORE expensive vinyl wrap prints and removals!

A home-run cost advantage on the first install - a GRAND SLAM on change-outs!

Turn Any Wall, Truck or Building into an Eye-Catching Billboard.


SELL your empty valuable space

for monthly advertising dollar


Aluminum Frames with Banners

 The original Ackland Media Frame is a 2-piece aluminum “Picture Frame” that makes attaching and removing flexible vinyl graphics simple and cost-effective.

Full-Color Graphics are digitally-printed on heavy-duty banner material by Creative Sign and Banner.

You can install or we can install. Your choice!

Smaller Media Frames available.

Works on:

  * Side of Buildings

  * Interior Sheetrock Walls

  * Exterior Brick / Stucco Wall

  * Box Truck Sides

  * Trailer Sides

  * Cover the unsightly without removal

  * Any area needing attraction


  * Tightens as graphics are installed

  * Perfect 45 degree mitered corners

  * Non-corrosive, rust-free aluminum

  * Up to 52 feet x 52 feet

  * Custom Colors available

  * Lifetime Warranty (ask for copy prior to purchase)


CLICK HERE for Backlit Media Displays
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