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 M.D.O. Plywood Signs

MDO wood signs

With more economical alternatives, we do not see many of these MDO (medium density overlay) signs being produced anymore. They must be primed, painted, edges sealed or trim-capped. For the time and effort you can purchase a more affordable

10mm coroplast or 3mm ACM board.

Since they are only up temporary, contractors still purchase the 4' x 8' MDO site signs because they are sturdy, long-lasting  and easy to mount.

118 Construction Real Estate Sign by Cre

primed/painted sizes:

  * 1/2" thick by up to 4' x 8' 

  * 3/4" thick by up to 4' x 8'

white vinyl coated sizes:

  * 1/2" thick up to 4' x 8', 1-Side

  * 1/2" thick up to 4' x 8', 2-Side

  * 1/2" thick up to 4' x 10', 1-Side


  * 1/2" x 8' only

  * White

  * Blue

  * Black

  * check for availability

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