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  * Time & Temp (DF-1012)

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        * Drop -In (DF-2053)

        * Tower (DF-2052)


  * 1-4 line L.E.D. Red Copy (eCCB Series)


  * Galaxy Series


  * ADFlow Networks LCD Screen

  * L.E.D. Banner


DAKTRONICS    Message Displays



Creative Sign and Banner is the proud regional retail distributor of DAKTRONICS Message Displays.


DAKTRONICS is an American company whose displays are not only built in the U.S.A. but parts also! What does that mean to you? Aside from the premium quality, spare parts are ready-to-ship if needed! No need to wait 6-8 weeks from a boat to China to come in! If there is ever an issue, your problems are handled expeditiously by trained and qualified personnel.


DAKTRONICS are the leaders and have 50 years experience in the Message Display industry. Their displays are all over the world... from the sports stadiums to airports to malls to fast-food establishments. Easy to use. This is why we have partnered with them.

DAKTRONICS offers quality installation, effective training and 24/7 customer support!

Message Displays can be quite an investment. If you are truly interested, how about an on-site demo? Just call us at

504-539-4601 or use the form on our homepage to set up a consultation.




Not to be confused with interactive, digital signs or static back-lit displays.

You get what you pay for...

In order to keep your initial price low, profits high in addition to having you sign a pricey service agreement contract, some of our local and regional competitors buy foreign-made displays. Beware of "Assembled in the USA", which is a nice way of misleading you...means all foreign parts. Of course they do not stock all parts needed. When something goes wrong, your display go blacks for weeks / months at a time. If you are using it for advertising purposes, you're losing twice the money. Buy American. I promise it is worth the investment.

My Editorial

Don't get me wrong, not all foreign products are junk. In fact, I purchase a lot of foreign items but I just do not sell them simply because I cannot hold them accountable for quality and production time-frame. It's not fair to my customer. It's also not fair to have made a sizable investment only to have an ocean and a few continents come between a repair.


In sub-contract items like these, I trust my U.S. vendor partners to deliver what he says, when he says. They have a reputation to uphold and they rely on it as much as I do. I  doubt a foreign company would care about losing me as a customer if they dropped the ball. I choose American.

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