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Low-Profile Monument Signs

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low-profile monument signs & installation

Gone are the days of constructing monuments with sandblasted redwood or brick and stucco. The new tried and true way is manufactured EPS foam, expanded polystyrene foam.

This is the same material used and seen at your favorite mardi gras parades, amusement parks and zoos for creation of cartoon animals, characters and ride facades.


This highly-compressed large block of foam is computer-cut using a hot wire on a 3-axis gantry. From there everything is hands-on craftsmanship. Once embossed graphics are added, a thick coating of acrylic resin is added to give it its structural integrity. Experienced artisans pay the attention to detail, sealing, painting giving the monument its life-like appearance.

What about durability? Our finely-tuned commercial grade EIFS

(Exterior Insulated Finishing System) gives it hardness and has a 100% rating for a lifetime of durability. What proof? Just ask for a hammer test!

perfect for:

  * churches

  * government buildings 

  * "welcome to" city entrance sign

  * historical district / dedication marker

  * business park entrance

  * parks and recreational facilities

  * HOA home owners / subdivision entrance

  * golf course entrance


did you know?

our monuments cost roughly 30% less than brick & mortar! 


no need for a concrete foundation!

monument options:

  * woodgrain, smooth or texture surface

  * standard shapes to choose or custom

  * standard paint colors or custom

  * faux brick, masonry foundation

  * integrated L.E.D. light strips

  * changeable letter reader board

  * L.E.D. message displays

graphic options:

  * paint embedded

  * dimensional cut acrylic or metal

  * dimensional formed plastic

  * back-lit acrylic with translucent vinyl


did you know?

screen changes are easy and as fast as you can send a text!

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