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Foam PVC Signs,

Ultra-Board Signs,

Gator-Board Signs

foam pvc signs

Foam Polyvinyl Chloride (now you know why we call it pvc) is a

closed-cel, smooth plastic sheet. Like all plastics, it is water-proof.

Unlike other foam sheets like foamboard, Ultra-board® and

Gator-board®, foam pvc, also known by its brand name Sintra®,

can be used outdoors. For those who do not like the corrugations

of coroplast, foam pvc is right for you.


ultra-board foam signs

Unlike its paper-topped cousin Foamboard, Ultraboard, also known as Gatorboard, is styrene plastic-topped with foam sandwhiched in the middle giving it extreme durability. It's strong yet lightweight..


  * up to 48" x 96" white on white in 3/16" 1/2" 3/4", 1"

  * up to 60" x 120" white on white in 3/16" only.

  * up to 48" x 96" black on black in 3/16" 1/2", 1"

  * up to 48" x 96" white/black/black in 3/16" 1/2" 3/4", 1"

  * ask for availability

perfect for:

  • interior permanent displays and signs

  • dimensional routed letters and graphics

  • upright meter-boards

  • lobby / hallway signs

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